We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Bergen. We have a hotel deal with very nice prices on three hotels in Bergen during the festival. All speakers are staying at Zander K

Zander K and Terminus

These hotels are next to each other by the railway station. You can book a room at very discounted prices by sending an e-mail with booking code. 

Grand Terminus -
Booking code: 4157747

Hotel Zander K -
Booking code: 4157754

Single room: 750,-
Double room: 950,-


Comfort Hotel Holberg

Newly renovated hotel at Nordnes, close to the Aquarium and USF Verftet. 

Booking number: GR004617
Book by e-mail:

Single room: 850
Double room: 1050,-

The conference starts Thursday 28. September at 11.00. 


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