Vill Vill Vest is a music festival showcasing 70 Norwegian artists at Bergen's most established venues. From the 28th to the 30th of September the city of Bergen is transformed into one great concert venue where you can discover your new favorite artists in intimate settings. The city on the Western coast of Norway is known for its thriving music scene, and home for internationally acknowledged artists. We are looking forward to present the fourth edition of the festival in 2019!

In addition to the concerts, the music organization Brak will be presenting an extensive seminar programme for promoters, artists and the music industry. Several national and regional partners will contribute to this program and a number of international guests will travel to Bergen to participate in seminars, meetings and hopefully find the next big thing. The Vill Vill Vest Music Conference will bring together representatives from both the national and international music industry.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the festival!

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Morten Harket in Conversation

In September 2019, Norways greatest pop star ever, Morten Harket, turns 60. At the same time «Homecoming. Morten Harket 1993-1998», a book written by author and cultural journalist Ørjan Nilsson will be released. The book tells a story of a slightly different Morten Harket ,that not too many people know.

The book looks at the activist, climate defender, social actor and solo artist who sought out non-traditional partners. A big change took place and the return home was complicated - but also successful. At Vill Vill Vest, Morten Harket talks with the book's author about these intense years.

Morten Harket in conversation will take place on Friday 27th of September at 3pm at the Literature House in Bergen

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Killing Eve: The Music behind the Hit Show

Called “hilarious, bloody, unclassifiable” by Rolling Stone, the female-led Killing Eve turns the spy thriller cliches on their heads–and has a soundtrack to match. The twists and turns in Killing Eve have left fans breathless, and the music has kept pace, reinforcing the nuances of its main female characters’ perspectives. The show’s action jumps from iconic European city to European city, giving lots of opportunities for changes of scene echoed in the soundtrack (Read full interview in tunefind here)

At Vill Vill Vest we are thrilled to be accompanied by Killing Eve Music Supervisor Catherine Grieves. Catherine is an experienced Music Supervisor and Composer Agent. Recent Music Supervision credits include the BBC America drama Killing Eve, You Were Never Really Here, for which she won the Music Week Sync Award for Best Overall Film Soundtrack, Dramas like Brexit: The Uncivil War, The Long Song, The Durrells and much more.


Only a small proportion of top executives in the private sector are women, even in Norway, one of the world's most equal countries. How do we ensure that more talented women reach the top? What qualities do tomorrow's leaders have? Is being a top leader compatible with being a good mom or dad? Jelena and Heidi invite distinguished guests to a light talk on the topic. You will hear everything from our guests' best tips to reaching the top and what experiences they have gained, to which reality series they would most likely participate in. In other words; a varied podcast that offeres different views on the matter. At this year's Vill Vill Vest we invite you to a live podcast with "Women and top management" with Tonje Kaada (Island Festival) Silje Larsen Borgan (Little Big Sister) and Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (Music Norway)


Silje Larsen Borgan
(Little Big Sister)

Silje Larsen Borgan runs the management Little Big Sister which she started in 2015. She also runs the record label Little Big Music which was established in 2018. She works with artists such as Karpe, Cezinando, Marit Larsen, Sval, Emma Steinbakken and Emilie Nicolas. Silje has worked in the music industry for almost 15 years, both as a music journalist and editor (VG, Farojournalen, Spirit), as A&R and product manager at the record companies EMI Music and Warner Music and had a radio program at NRKP3. Silje has also been the market manager in town: Larm, and works as a DJ room with Christine Dancke.


Heidi Fuglesang (Programleder, Kvinner og toppledelse)

Heidi is a lawyer and works with labor law in Econa. She is formerly politically active and has a strong commitment to social issues. As a student, she wrote chronicles on various political issues, including why women should have children earlier. As a self-proclaimed podcast junkie, being a program manager in the "women and top management" podcast is the very dream. She manages the show with a steady hand and always has a follow-up question ready!

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Tonje Kaada (Øyafestivalen)

Tonje Kaada is the general manager of Øyafestivalen. She has extensive experience from the music industry. She has worked as an organizer, and has also worked for large and small record companies (Tellé and Warner Music) as well as running her own management and promo company (Is Okei). Kaada also has experience from Music organisations such as Brak and GramArt, where she has been managing director in the past. She has a MKA in strategic management from NHH and has studied personnel management, finance and holds a CandMag at UiB.


Jelena Mandic (Programleder, Kvinner og toppledelse)

Jelena is a political scientist and works as an adviser on community policy in Econa. As a former international student in international relations and EU politics, she is used to discuss difficult issues with people from different cultures. Through the podcast she has gained great use for her stalke skills, to find out who the guests really are in the private. Jelena is the podcast sidekick, always trying to bring out the guests' true viewpoint behind the polished surface.


Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (Music Norway)

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog has been active in the music industry in Norway for a number of years. She co-founded the artist management Bpop (later Bpopmentometer) a company that succeeded in launching several Norwegian artists abroad. Bpop mentometer eventually became one of the largest booking and management companies in Norway with artists such as Annie, Magnet and Aleksander Rybak. In 2013, Synnes Finnskog was appointed Director of Music Norway; a foundation set up by the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of facilitating export measures and international profiling of Norwegian music.


From being an underground phenomenon in opposition, hip hop has exploded and become public domain. This panel interview is based on Øyvind Holen's books 'Hip-hop hoder' from 2004 and ‘Nye hip-hop hoder'' published in 2018 and will through discussions with Son of Light - who have been defining the genre from the very beginning - and Linni, who is part of the new generations that push the genre further, giving an insight into the evolution from underground culture to hip hop as a public domain. This is a panel discussion for hip-hopers, music lovers and anyone interested in popular culture.


Emilio Sanhueza

Emilio Sanhueza is a former commentator and reviewer in the Norwegian newpaper Bergens Tidende. He has run the record label ‘Nabovarsel’ and currently works for the BIT20 Ensemble. He also holds a Master of Literature from UiB.


Son of light

Son of Light has had - and has - a multifaceted career few get to experience. The meeting with legendary producer Tommy Tee, in 1994, led to the very first Spellemann (*Norwegian Music prize) nominated rap release Deep Green (1997). This was followed by the hit Takin´ Ova and several national and international tours. These days, he is up to date with the sequel to Skyggen Av Skyggen (Secret Sect) and he toured this summer with Secret Sect, Ida Nielsen (Prince, 3rd Eye Girl) and LPeeWee.


Øyvind Holen

Øyvind Holen (b. 1973) is from Lindeberg in Oslo. Since 2007 he has worked in Dagens Næringsliv's Friday supplement, D2. In addition, he has written several non-fiction books and comics. He debuted with "Hiphop-hoder" (2004), which eventually got its sequel with "Nye hiphop-hoder" (2018). In 2032, "Enda flere hiphop-hoder".



Jonas Grieg (born 1988), known by the artist names Linni and Handerre Linni, is a Norwegian rapper from Bergen. He entered the rap scene as a member of the Yoga Guys and has since continued with the jazz project Next Planet, as a successful solo artist (Linni) and in the DJ duo SOJU X LINNI.



Kåre Vestrheim

Kåre Vestrheim is a well known name within the Norwegian music scene. He started his musical career with the rock band Locomotives in the 90s and has since established himself as a very capable musician, film composer and producer. In his studio Propeller Music Division (which also has an associated record label) he has produced records for Emilie Nicolas, Highasakite, Motorpsycho, Marit Larsen and countless many more artists.


Thinking holistic around branding and strategy is becoming increasingly important. At this year's Vill Vill Vest, we present a broad program of lectures and talks on this topic presented by some of the leaders in the field.

Endre Berentzen.jpg

A holistic approach to your b(r)and

Endre Berentzen is Norway's highest internationally acclaimed creative director. During the 2014 Cannes Festival of Creativity, Berentzen and his team shared the stage with Pharrell Williams as the only two Grand Prix winners in design - an award no one in Scandinavia has received before or since. In 2017, he was invited to jury at The One Show - one of the world's biggest creativity competitions - along with well-known personalities such as Will.I.Am and Bootsy Collins. Endre Berentzen is a regular lecturer on the international design and branding scene and, during Vill Vill Vest, will talk to us about how to think smart and holistic about building a brand - how creativity, synergy and common interests can compensate for lack of budget or time.

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Brand management, communication and identity

Kenneth Rasmus Greve has extensive experience in communication and branding in the media and music industry. In this presentation, he will use examples from his own work to illustrate how to succeed in building a strong brand.

Goran Obad.jpg

Sync and brand

Goran Obad is music supervisor and producer at Ohlogy. Ohlogy is a music agency that works creatively and strategically with music in film, television, and branding / marketing. In this lecture, Goran Obad and Silje Katralen from the music company Ohlogy will discuss how synchronization of music affects the artist's brand. Is it the case that a placement in a TV series, movie, or game is always good? During this seminar Goran and Silje will look at how you as an artist can make the right choices to increase the value of your brand.

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Sync and brand

Silje Katralen is a music supervisor and composer. She works as a music supervisor in the music agency ohlogy and as a music supervisor in snaxville productions. In this lecture, Goran Obad and Silje Katralen from the music company Ohlogy will discuss how synchronization of music affects the artist's brand. Is it the case that a placement in a TV series, movie, or game is always good? During this seminar Goran and Silje will look at how you as an artist can make the right choices to increase the value of your brand.

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Stian Andersen in conversation with Asbjørn Slettemark

Stian Andersen is one of Norway's foremost music video directors and photographers, who have traveled the world for the past 20 years on behalf of international and Norwegian clients in music, fashion, commercials and documentaries. Stian has directed music videos for artists such as Karpe Diem, Robyn & Røyksopp, Lars Vaular, Highasakite, Gabrielle, Morten Harket, Kvelertak and Susanne Sundför. He has won awards across Europe and shown his documentaries and music videos at film festivals around the world. He is also behind several book releases of his photographs. the two award-winning photo books "Turboneger Fotografier 1993-2009" and "A-ha Photographs 1994-2010" published at Aschehoug and Forlaget Press. Stian has created more than 50 record covers for artists such as Røyksopp, A-ha, Dum Dum Boys, Highasakite and Astrid S and photographed artists such as Prince, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Leonard Cohen to name a few.

Asbjørn Slettemark.jpg

Stian Andersen in conversation with Asbjørn Slettemark

Asbjørn Slettemark is a Norwegian music journalist and former program manager in the television program Lydverket. Slettemark has been program manager in the hard rock program Pyro at P3 and judge in Idol. He has also been editor in the music industry magazine Faro Journalen.


How do you work to get the most out of a gig at an industry festival? This panel consisting of Henrik Haagensen (Playground Music), Erle Strøm (HES), and Lennea Lyssand (Made) we discuss the theme. The conversation is led by Marie Amdam known from the band Razika. Together they will look at a selected artist from Vill Vill Vest, and see what steps these artists should take. Is this artist you? Don't miss the opportunity to discuss your plans with the panel! Registration is open and will be open until the last artist release in August. Send an email to

'All you need to know as a new artist' is a panel interview with Henrik Haagensen, Erle Strøm, Lennea Lyssand. Moderator: Marie Amdam.


This is what we must do. Run around and scream. In every context. And not least in the right forums. In the political system. Take your panic where it is needed the most. Into the rooms where ideas are formed and decisions are made. We need tomorrow's solutions today, and todays politicians are clearly not up for the job. Being politically active is a difficult role for the artist to take. We are the outsiders, the individualists, the social critics, the skeptics and the gangsters. We have cultivated the outside world and the critical distance we have for our own society. If we are to save the civilization that creates art, extraterrestrialism is no longer a privilege we can have. We must enter the flesh of society. Into the middle of things to push and pull. We can no longer describe and reflect at a safe distance. We can't wait until the rest of the herd has woken up. We who are awake must gallop in advance. Civilization is at stake, and through civilization's ability to organize it can save itself. Can we save ourselves.

Tekst: Lisa Nøttseter (Translation VVV)

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What exactly are we going to save?

Sustainability is on everyone's lips these days, but who are we working to save? Join us beneath the surface off the world's second-longest coastline, and take a deep dive into tar forests, eelgrass and coral reefs. Say hi to luminous sharks, nails, harnesses, dolphins and brush land, and learn more about what we are at risk of losing if we continue with business as usual.

Pia Ve Dahlen is a marin biologist and a Ocean enthusiast showing everyone how amazing the ocean is. The goal is to raise awareness about the topic of littering, especially with a focus on plastic. In 2016, she was one of two initiators of the company Passion for Ocean. It is a company that wants to strengthen people's relationship with the sea and the ability to take care of it through knowledge-based projects that engage.

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Etter oss - Song competition about the climate

‘Etter oss’ is a song competition where musicians have been invited to submit their contribution to a jury including well knows artists like Sigrid, Lars Vaular, Halvdan Sivertsen and Mari Boine. The competition is a initative by Norwegian artist Hanne Kolstø. ‘Etter oss’ is a collaboration with Klimabrølet, which will be Norway's largest climate protest on August 30 in Oslo and Bergen, in order to honor those who come after us.

We have invited promoter and artist Hanne Kolstø to Vill Vill Vest to talk about climate competition how music and culture can help create change. Maybe we will hear some of the songs made for the competition?

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Exercises in fear and panic

As a society, we have long done exercises in avoiding situations and emotions that are painful and difficult. We have minimized pain and maximized pleasure. It has worked for a long time. But not anylonger. The earth has become a bad place and is struggling to maintain life as we know it. Now it is our duty as this earth's highest consciousness and nervous system to fire all the panic power packages we can only manage. It’s time to panic.

Lisa Nøttseter has worked as a creator, performer and producer for performing arts. She is employed as deputy chair at the Bergen Dance Center and is a part of the committee for dance in the Norwegian Arts Council.

Lisa Nøttseter invites delegates to exercises in panic: In order to exercise good and adequate panic, it is important with practice and facilitation. Here you have the opportunity to effectively dive into anything that is painful and difficult. Through exercises such as "anxiety ball", "stiff of terror" and "freaking straight out" we get closer to our natural instincts and tens of thousands of years old, good patterns of action.

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Klimajaro - an awardwinning initiative

Klimanjaro is Fjordkraft's climate promise and is based on all the company's suppliers being climate neutral. In 2019, Fjordkraft's suppliers will cut or compensate for 60,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents as a result of this initiative. There are more than a hundred times that Fjordkraft can cut on its own and corresponds to almost seven per cent of Norway's total emission reduction from 2016–2017. The initiative has received attention both nationally and internationally. In 2018, Klimanjaro received the UN Climate Prize as the first Norwegian company of all time.

Gisle Hauge has overall responsibility for purchasing and contracting in Fjordkraft. He is also responsible for implementing and following up Klimanjaro, Fjordkraft's climate promise, to the company's suppliers

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The Ethical Tee Company

Richard has 20 years of experience in the music industry and is the owner of The Ethical Tee Company. The Ethical Tee Company is working to show how easy and cost-effective it is to switch to clothes that are environmentally friendly and support worker rights.

The ethical tee company only supplies clothing that is 100% organic and is a member of www.fairwear.orgCurrent customers include; Noisily Festival, Michael Franti, New Mexico University, Women's Speaker Collective, Nano Records, Dragon World Championships, The Black Angels, Travel Gives, Phosphorescent, Deerhunter, Epic Kayaking.

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Etty Israeli works with nutrition, health and sustainability and has previously worked as a health consultant for Danish companies such as the Organic National Association, Season and Arla. She is now part of the core team of the innovative and research-based Swedish mattech start-up CarbonCloud, which aims to support the world in a transition to climate-smart eating habits.

Everyday, Etty helps restaurants, caterers, events and festivals become part of the climate change solution by implementing smart online planning and computational tools to inspire more smart food choices. At present, Etty is planning the Roskilde Festival's climate food strategy