Music, Tech & Investment

Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

Where: Auditoriet
Erlend Hausken (vibble)
Andrew Forsyth (iZettle)
Ståle Stormark (Connect Western Norway)
Hans Petter Torsvik (BAN network member)

What does it take to be ripe for investment?

The two local tech companies vibble will start by presenting their company and exiting apps that are both highly music centric.

iZettle, a company that has had a massive growth since it's foundation, establishing in 9 countries with over 280 employees in 3 years, will talk about how they work alongside festivals with merch. They will also do a short presentation on how their technology works.

Connect Western Norway will round of the talk with advice about what they are looking for when investing in companies, what plan you should have, and how far you are in executing this plan when go looking for external investors.

Connect West Norway is a non-profit organization established in 2001 working with and for entrepreneurs in western Norway. They connect entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, networks and capital through different processes, usually over a period of several years. In 2015 they established the BAN Bergen network to increase the access to more capital to entrepreneurial companies at an early stage. In addition to capital, the members of the BAN Bergen network have experience in investing in and starting their own companies. The main reason to contribute is to increase the number of successful start-up companies, and of course make smart investments to ensure a healthy profit over time.

vibble. If Spotify and Instagram had a baby, it would be vibble. With vibble you can turn your favorite music from iTunes and SoundCloud into creative mixes, just by swiping a finger. vibble is a new app for iPhone that let's you add cool transitions, sounds and effects to the music that you love. From artists to genres, vibble gives you signature sounds that empower otherwise passive listeners to be creative with music.