Foto: Janine Haga

Foto: Janine Haga

Stein Bjelland (Stein7000)

Stein Bjelland has been working in the Norwegian, international music and cultural business´ for over two decades. 

He was a member of the band the Getaway People in the late 90s. The band signed a major deal with Columbia Records in New York in 1997 and toured the US and Europe extensively between 1997-2001, giving him valuable music business insight and a solid international network in the music industry.
He is the owner of Nuproductions As, which owned and runs the Numusic and Nuart Festivals. Both festivals have received acclaim both nationally and internationally. 
From 2008 - 2013, Stein Bjelland was the president of Great Moments As, a management-, production- and artist development company in Stavanger where he worked with and represented artists like Kvelertak, Purified In Blood, Overthrow, Frk. Fryd, Deathbed Reunion among others.

Stein Bjelland now runs Stein70000, his own consultant company within the music and the arts. There he has been dealing with counter-culture and entrepreneurship within the music- and arts business for the last 15 years, working closely with different organizations, companies, artists and institutions on innovation and entrepreneurship within the cultural sector. 
With this experience he was in 2011 asked to help establish and develop Norway's only music investment fund, Buzz As, founded and owned by Bergen Kommune. Buzz As invests in companies, technologies and various projects within the music business. 
Stein Bjelland has over the last three years also been responsible for the business development part of a national pilot for professional visual artists - Kunst Som Levebrød (Art as Livelihood) at Ipark - Innovation Park Stavanger.
Stein Bjelland lectures on a regular basis at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Music and at the University College of Hedmark, Campus Rena on innovation and entrepreneurship in the music business. He is also often used as a speaker at conferences and seminars.
For the past three years Stein Bjelland has been the curator and project leader for the Norwegian Grammys business conference, Spellemannkonferansen. 
Stein Bjelland divide his time between his homes in Stavanger, Norway and Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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