Exclusive app release for Vill Vill Vest

Our good friends at vibble are soon to release the world's easiest and most fun DJ app on the Apple App Store. As a special treat to all the good folks at Vill Vill Vest, they have sneak launched their app today, giving everyone here access to the app before anyone else. Make sure to download vibble today and give it a try, and make sure to visit their Vill Vill Vest showroom just across the street from Litteraturhuset. NB: Norwegian App Store only (for now).

Vibble is a new music and DJ app that enables more people to be creative with music. Highlighted as one of the most exciting products at this year’s SXSW, vibble is turning listeners into creators by giving users easy access to ready-to-mix samples and transitions, allowing them to turn their favorite music and playlists from SoundCloud and iTunes into creative mixtapes - just by swiping a finger.