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$ynch: When is it a good deal?


$ynch: When is it a good deal?

Friday 11:00 - 11:45

Where: Auditoriet
Christian Mix-Linzer (Tracks & Fields) 
Kristin Genovese (Heavy Duty Music Publishing) 
Rob Mason (Old Flame Records)  
Moderator: Goran Obad (Ohlogy) 

When is synch a good deal, and is synch ever bad branding for an artist or a company? Who is involved in the creative process of getting a song into films, TV-series, games and commercials?

The panel will take us through the roles of a music supervisors, publishers, synch agencies, production companies and labels. They will run through the process; pitching, negotiations & licensing and contracts. What does it take for a synch to be sucessful and add value to all parties involved?

As an artist, how can you chase synch-deals on your own?

How can small record labels work with synch as a part of launching new material from their roster. What relevant differences are there in synch between US and EU markets?